FakeNostalgia is a based in Denmark (Europe)

Meaning behind our name:

“Fake nostalgia”: The longing for or reminiscence of an era which you did not actually grow up in, having only experienced the era through its movies, TV shows, music, etc; not based on actual life experiences. 


How we support sustainability:

At FakeNostalgia, we are proud to work with manufacturers who prioritize sustainability in their practices. We recognize that the issue surrounding sustainability in fashion is complex, and we believe that the actual problem lies in the dominant logic of the industry.

Our manufacturers understand that mass production causes significant waste through overproduction and drives the exploitation of workers. Additionally, fashion is designed to end up on a landfill, which is not a sustainable practice. However, our manufacturers are committed to engineering a system that allows us to keep resources within a loop.

To achieve this, our manufacturers have put in place premises that support the loop. They keep minimums low to only produce what is needed and quickly adapt to demand. They make high-end clothes to make them long-lasting, enabling a longer lifecycle. The fabric used must be mono-fibre, such as 100% cotton, for it to be recyclable. Our manufacturers are also introducing upcycling services for labwear garments, which will become assets within the labwear system, saving loads of resources while empowering up-and-coming fashion creatives.